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SAP Business One makes business growth easy

SAP Business One is a full-featured business management solution that is designed for SMBs and allows you to manage your entire company from a centralized platform. Its a highly scalable software that grows with your business as it covers financial, customer service, sales, inventory, purchasing, supply chain, and operations.

SAP Business One HANA is a high-performance in-memory computing platform that provides advanced analytics on multimodel data. The database platform utilizes innovative methods to store customer data, which allows it to handle large amounts of relational data with unprecedented performance.  It can be used alongside with SQL Server as the primary database while HANA can be used for reporting requirement such as Interactive Analysis, Crystal Dashboards and Enterprise search.


Sap Business One Modules

Comprehensive functionalities and features to support your business needs and growth.

Reporting and Administration

Use the drag and relate feature to create reports and gain complete visibility of business operations. Create dashboards for management that contain customized KPIs. The solution also has a powerful interactive analysis reporting tool that lets you create detailed and comprehensive reports


Inventory & Distribution

Collect real-time data on incoming and outgoing shipments, evaluate inventory with tools like FIFO, moving average, standard costing, and other methods to audit stock levels and monitor progress. With the tools provided by this solution, you can manage the entire customer lifecycle and understand your customer's needs and ability to provide excellent customer service. A powerful planning function is available in the solution to help you schedule and manage the production schedule.

Purchasing & Procurement

Maximize the entire purchasing process, which includes creation of orders, vendor selection, invoicing, and payment. Get up-to-date inventory updates, valuations, and tracking in real-time. With an integrated procurement management module and best practices for purchasing and cost control, businesses can manage procurement effectively with this solution.

Warehouse & Production

Maintain cost-effective production by managing inventory across multiple warehouses in real-time. Keep track of stock movements, adjust inventory levels, and enhance on-time delivery. With the help of this business management solution, you can plan material requirements for manufacturing and procurement based on the current inventory levels, demand, and supply. Better forecast management, creation and maintenance of production orders and BOMs, and analysis reports will be possible for you.


With an integrated CRM tool that supports all business activities, including managing campaigns and tracking leads to administering after-sales support, you can convert more prospects, keep customers satisfied, and maximize revenue. This solution enables you to manage your tasks and information efficiently throughout the different stages of the sales cycle. Microsoft Outlook allows for the recording of all activities and reminders to be set and synchronized with your schedule.


SAP Business One provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing, streamlining, and automating finance functions. The solution combines accounting, sales, and purchasing information while automating routine accounting tasks like maintaining ledgers and journal entries. This ERP system offers a fast and reliable month-end process that can improve margins, reduce errors, and make data-driven decisions.



Quick ROI is achieved through fast implementation

Assist businesses in getting up and running quickly, allowing them to achieve faster results.


Eliminate unnecessary data entry and errors.

Eliminate data entry that is repetitive and errors that are prone to human error. Integrate business processes and workflows to improve efficiency across departments.


Accurately respond to customer needs

Analysing information from a single source enables better decision-making to meet evolving customer trends.


Automate business processes & workflows

Businesses can take proactive measures with automatic alerts, workflows, and responses to key events thanks to predictive intelligence.


Optimize Your Business Through Streamlined Operations

Get a complete overview of your business with one accurate source and enable users to access precise information needed to operate your company efficiently.


Enhance customer relations and engagement

Enhance the sales team's engagement with customers on the go with real-time information.

Sap Business One Cloud & Sap Business One On-Premise

SAP Business One can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. Choose between public or private cloud, MS SQL or HANA, based on your requirements.


SAP Business One Private Cloud

SAP application is hosted on a private cloud, and provided as a service by SAP. The customer and SAP collaborate to agree on update schedules and software modifications.

SAP Business One On-Premise

The customer or their vendor is responsible for installing, operating, and modifying software, as well as providing IT infrastructure.

SAP Business One Public Cloud

SAP is hosted on a public cloud like Azure. Software is offered as a service and updates are automatically applied, with configuration options and extension frameworks that are clearly defined.