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Capture new opportunities across your business when you bring people, data, and processes together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solution —intelligent cloud applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities to help you run your business end to end. Croftech ltd is a Development and Microsoft Dynamics NAV support partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Crm – Great On Their Own, Even Better Together

Transform your business processes and better engage customers using intelligent applications that work seamlessly together in the cloud with the help of Croftech Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Feild Service

Master the service call with smarter capabilities—from optimized scheduling to predictive maintenance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

Earn customers for life with a personalized experience and world-class service across every channel.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Sales

Turn relationships into revenue by bringing digital intelligence into every deal.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Unify your sales and marketing to connect customer experiences at every interaction with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Insights

Deliver a personalized experience using relevant insights on how to best serve your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Project Management

Profit from your projects by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Finance and Operations

Accelerate growth by optimizing operations and making real-time, data-driven decisions at global scale.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail

Deliver an immersive shopping experience by optimizing retail operations with intelligent insights.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Talent

Attract, on board, and set employees up for success with a collection of intelligent HR cloud services.


Grow, evolve, and transform every part of your business to better meet the changing market and needs of your customers by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM ERP software solution from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner