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Mobile Apps

Built for Users

There are thousands of apps available today, but the average user spends most of their time on only a handful! So how can you be among that handful of chosen ones?
The success of your mobile app depends on how intuitive, simple, easy-to-use and reliable it is. As the leading mobile app solutions provider in the UK, Croftech steps into the customer’s shoes and ensures that the app developed for your business ticks all the boxes of success.

Using Best Practices

Apps today must comply with strict guidelines laid down by Google and Apple. Apps that fail to comply with the guidelines can face suspension or even worst – deletion. At Croftech, we follow the best industry practices and ensure that we develop a bug-free and reliable app that is customizable and scalable.

Development Stages

Understanding Your Project
A dedicated team of analysts and business experts sit with you and understand your business and your requirements. The discussion primarily revolves around what to build, who to build it for and what will be its benefits. The findings are passed on to the research team.
Our researchers then step into the shoes of your customers and perform user research to chalk out the product development roadmap. They try various UI and UX approaches as well as your competitors’ products before coming up with the best possible approach for your business.
Design and Wireframing
Our design team sits down and then comes up with one or more dummy UI and UX. The dummies are then sent to you as well as some of your selected customers. Feedback is gathered and changes are made to the design before finalizing it.
Our experienced developers then start working on the final app based on the design. Agile methodologies are used to ensure high productivity and to remove bottlenecks. Testing is done at each iteration of development before testing the final product.
Once the app is ready, it is time for testing. Our team tests the product for bugs and quality controls while your business team, as well as your customers, perform beta testing. Once the testing phase is over, you are all set for the launch of your mobile app!

Your Options


If you want your app to work on Apple products such as iPhones and iPads, then we can help you to build an iOS App for your business.

Android App

Majority of the smartphones today are powered by Android. We can help you to build an Android app for your business.

Cross Platform APP

Ensure that your app works seamlessly across different platforms using our range of cross-platform app development services.

Mobile App Development Tailored for Your Unique Business Goals

Fully Custom Mobile Apps

Reach out to your customers and make your business mobile using a fully customized mobile app.

E- Commerce Apps

Make your entire product catalogue mobile and start selling using our customized E-commerce apps.

Employee Communication Apps

Listen to your employees and boost your productivity levels using a custom-built employee communications app.
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